About Us

photo: Nik Babic Photography


As it was all my idea in the first place, I get to write this page.

I grew up in Sydney, where I had the good fortune to attend the Conservatorium High School. Being surrounded by wonderful musicians and inspiring mentors from such a young age, I never thought about doing anything else with my life but playing the violin.

I was a founding member of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. As a 19 year old, it was an incredible experience to be part of this exciting new ensemble. But I was also desperate to study overseas, so after two years I packed my bags and set off for Salzburg.

It was my intention to spend two or three years in Europe, but it ended up being twenty. I played violin with many different orchestras, ensembles and bands in Germany and Austria, touring all over the globe until the weather finally got the better of me, and I decided to move to Perth.

I’ve always loved picture books and had fun thinking up different ways to combine stories and poetry with music. As nobody was doing anything like this in WA, I established the Kaleidoscope Ensemble in 2003. Originally a string quartet and actor, Kaleidoscope, as the name suggests, has undergone many changes as new ideas developed and various performers pursued adventures in other parts of the world. What has remained constant is our passion and enthusiasm for discovering new stories and thinking up different ways to share them with you.

Charles and I first met in Munich in 1983.

photo: Nik Babic Photography


Born in Luxembourg, Charles began his performing career at 17 as guitarist and youngest member of the Luxembourg Theatre Orchestra. After working as a recording artist in Paris, Brussels and Cologne he moved to Munich, where he quickly became one of the most sought after studio guitarists.

He worked for major record companies in Germany as a producer/arranger, as well as playing live performances with a variety of artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Al Martino and Carl Davis.

After reconnecting with Gillian in 2009 he finally moved to Perth with his 26 guitars and has never looked back!